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    Book Review by Wanda Gail Campbell

    This delightful guide to expanded personal growth and spiritual strength expresses how one woman moved from a fearful and distrusting image of an external, and mostly inaccessible, God to an awareness of knowing that God dwells within all the time. She describes how externally her life reflected deep denial of life and a God-poverty condition of soul as she demonstrated multileveled suffering. When her soul opened up, everything changed.

    In the introduction she sets the stage for personal freedom as she offers the following wisdom:“Remain open. There is something bigger than you going on here.” It quickly becomes evident that once she regained awareness of God within her, she became able to offer her own divine gifts to the world by writing truthfully and translucently about her experiences. The book is developed in several phases of HonoringThe Divine.

    Thanks are written especially for Charles Fillmore founder of Unity Village as she quotes him: “there is but one mind and we are each a manifestation of that Mind, the mind of God, the Divine.” Other New Thought teachers are mentioned as she lays claim to her own “Godliness”.

    The author then proceeds to develop a wondrous method that takes the reader/participant on a 40 day (and night) journey. Each day begins with written definition of a foundational principle that provides the reader clarity of focus for this day. Her personal commentary follows- giving food for thoughtful awareness as one experiences the day. Space is also provided for recording insights from the commentary then moves on to solidify intentions for the day with affirmation and prayer. At the end of the day, readers deepen their own integration of principle by returning to write and reflect upon how the day’s experiences relate back to the theme.

    Yesterday, I began this book a second time, 4 ½ years after the first rendering, This time I’m using a different color of ink to compare my first notes with this new journey. I already see evidence of how this book stimulated my personal growth and continues to perk m y spiritual expansion. This book costs $15 and has already proven itself to be priceless.


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David Perdew

Sorry about the email address -- it's requirement of Typepad.

But thanks for the post. I'd heard about David Wilcox, but have not listened yet. Thanks.



This post makes me think of a song by one of my favorite singer / songwriters (and someone with whom interested readers of this post would deeply resonate) David Wilcox. If you don't know his music, I recommend his most recent album called "Into the Mystery". The following lyric is from a song on that record:

I got such a mess between my ears
like dishes in the sink
Stuff I don't believe just tumbles in
until I don't have room to think
These dark clouds I've stowed away
just in case of a sunny day
So I can stand in the pouring rain
of every tear I've ever shed
I've got to empty out the inside of my head

This could be a room with such a view,
but its covered up with junk
Blocking off the place the light gets through

so it keeps me in this funk
All my failures are on display,
the broken dreams of yesterday
Stuff I should have thrown away,
but I've kept it here instead
I've got to empty out the inside of my head
I've got to empty out the inside of my head

I'd like to turn this place into my home
instead of someplace that I dread
Its the only place thats mine alone,
and I'll live here 'til I'm dead
I'll sort through what I have found,
the stuff that works I'll keep around
But I can't live weighted down
with every cruel word they said
I've got to empty out the inside of my head

PS: you might get more comments on the site if you did not require an email address...

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